Q & A with Celebrity Stylist Anya Sarre

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Celebrity Stylist Anya Sarre generously provide some guidance to our community and answer some styling questions asked by our users:
1.) Is there a particular style gown that I should wear for my body type? (plus, petite, pear shape, hourglass, etc)

EVERYONE has parts they love and don’t love about their body, even celebrities. The trick to looking chic and styled is to showcase your best parts and hide what you don’t love.
If you are:
PLUS: Pick a gorgeous color that makes you feel great- add a shrug or wrap if you want to cover your arms.
PETITE: Have fun with this seasons’ hottest trend: a print! Make sure to hem your dress to right above the knee so you look longer.
PEAR SHAPE: Try a dark solid color long gown like navy or purple
- very slimming but not your basic black.

HOURGLASS: A pencil shape silhouette will flatter and show off your curves. Try an asymmetrical or one shoulder style neckline.

2.) If I wear a brightly colored gown, what color should my shoes be?

With a bright gown you always want to go with a neutral shoe. The focus of your look is the color of your dress. A nude or metallic shoe is a great investment- it is a timeless shoe that you will be wearing for all seasons.  Peep toe shoes are a classic style that looks good on everyone. Stay away from a closed toed shoe with a long gown!

3.) What type of undergarments should I wear with my one shoulder dress? 

A good nude strapless bra is a must have for a one shoulder dress. Any shape wear like Spanx or Sculptz is going to create a smooth line under your dress.

4.) Metallics seem so big right now, but how do I wear them without looking like a disco ball? 

The key to metallics is to wear them in moderation. If you are wearing a metallic gown- go light on the accessories and remember to always match your metals. (a gold gown goes with gold based accessories and gold hardware on your purse and shoes). If you want to ease into metallics, try a metallic oversized clutch with your gown.

5.) How do you help your celebrity clientele get ready for the red carpet? Any tips that I can use?

The red carpet is just like any event that you would be going to- you want to feel comfortable, confident, and get compliments! If you try on a dress and you are pulling at it or it doesn’t fit right- take it off immediately- you will be fussing with it all night! I like to make everyone do the sit test before they leave the house - sit down in the dress and look at yourself in the mirror. A dress can look great when you stand- but once you sit down it is not flattering.

Pick one statement piece of jewelry and rock it as your main accessory! If you have a necklace- don’t pick a big earring. If you have a big earring- don’t wear a necklace. If your dress already has embellishments on it (a big trend right now) you don’t need a lot of accessories.

Gel shoe pads are a genius invention because they make your heels more comfortable so you can actually keep them on all night. The two biggest celebrity red carpet secrets are; alterations and shape wear. If your dress is altered to fit you right it will make you look a size smaller!  And don’t forget- a little glow can go a long way… spray tan and self tanner can make your arms appear more toned…just use with caution!

6.) Any advice on how to update a basic evening dress I already have so I can wear it again? 

Right now its all about revamping, reusing and recycling! You can re-wear a basic evening dress so many ways!

1) If your dress is long- make it short- take it to a tailor and make it a cocktail dress!

2) Re- work your gown with accessories- add a chunky long necklace, or an embellished belt. It will look like a completely new outfit!

3) Find an embellished shell cardigan and wear it over your dress. Add a fun colored shoe and you have a new outfit!

Celebrity Stylist, Red Carpet Expert, and Television Fashion Consultant Anya Sarre is known in the industry as THE leading trend-spotter for today’s hottest red carpet looks. Anya has been the head fashion stylist for ‘Entertainment Tonight’, ‘The Insider’, and ‘ET on MTV’ since 2004.


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