Silent Killers: Ideas for Silent Auctions

Fund-Raising — By admin on April 15, 2009 at 12:00 am

The event committee’s conversations always seem to get around to the same mudane items.  What can we put in our silent auction this year that actually might spark some excitement among our patrons?  Every year, the same thing.  Foursome at the most exclusive club? Got it.  Spa Package for him and her? Got it.  Dinners, dance lessons, sports tickets, family portrait sessions?  Can you even tell what event you are attending?  Well, some event organizers are taking steps to mix things up a little.

At  a recent exclusive luncheon held at Billionaire Wayne and Marne Huzienga’s Floridian Golf & Yacht Club, a patron reported to that the theme of the silent auction was purses, purses and more purses.  Can you imagine the competition that would result if they had a Hermes’ Birkin bag?  Ladies, some civility please!  Overall, the patrons had fun in bidding up the purses and given the venue and the hosts, I think we would agree that these bags never knew the inside of a back room on Canal Street.

The Symphony of the Americas held their April in Paris Gala recently and it appeared that the organizers seemed to think that the Paris sun is quite a concern in April.  Even though past trips indicate to that the best thing for an April trip to Paris is a fur coat, we thought that by having twenty or so designer sunglasses as silent auction items, they were really showing creativity.  Prada, Gucci and Versace all made the grade.

The point of this discussion is to entreat event organizers to think outside the box when it comes to silent auction items.   Hosting a Gala is about entertainment and excitement.   Raising funds for a great cause is the end purpose but if your event has no pizzazz, it is doomed.  Make it fun for your patrons and your event will be successful, people will want to be on the committee and longevity will follow.


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