Shoe Games: 5 Tips to Wearing the Perfect Shoes to Compliment Your Ensemble and Event

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Shoes, shoes, shoes, oh how we women love thee! You are so beautiful and fine…you are always there for us…empowering us in your stiletto spikes, making us feel luxurious in your jewel encrusted mules, and oh so feminine and sweet in your kitten heels.  There is a shoe for every occasion and dress, but with so many options how do you decide?

1. Consider Your Body Type: If you are short, consider wearing a nude color high heel. You will instantly look taller because the eye will not stop at your feet, but will extend the length of your legs to the toes. Curvy physiques should avoid round toes and ankle straps, and instead opt for pointed toes and narrow heels for an elongating and slimming effect. If you are tall, a gladiator inspired strappy heeled sandal will look modern and cool or a peep toe pump would be an excellent choice.

2. Be Creative with Color:  When you are not matching the color of your shoes to your dress, experiment with a bold contrasting hue. Take navy for example, not many designers make navy shoes, plus if you find them they could look cheap or too matchy with a navy dress. Instead pair navy with yellow, or jewel tones like magenta. To keep the look cohesive, add an accessory in the color of the shoes, such as a bracelet or a narrow belt.

Metallics are the cornerstone of a modern footwear wardrobe and are perfect for a dressy occasion. Every woman needs a pair of silver, gold, or bronze shoes in her closet.  A pair of strappy gold kitten heels with a matching gold bag is a timeless combination that coordinates with almost any color dress or gown and is especially lovely with white.

3. Have Fun with Formality: For a special event by all means wear your most beautiful silk satin shoes or ones embellished with jewels and beading. Patent leather is an excellent choice for a cocktail party and is very of the moment.

3. Anticipate Any Activity: Dainty slides and mules are elegantly chic for a cocktail party or dinner, but are less than ideal for dancing as they are hard to keep on.  For nights of endless dancing, pumps with ankle straps are the perfect style to help you get your groove on or glide to the tunes of a string quartet.

5. Always Wear a Heel: At least a one inch heel is always the most flattering. Even if you are wearing a floor length ball gown and it is unlikely that you shoes will be seen, still choose a heel over a flat. When wearing heels, women carry themselves better and with a more regal air. Classic pointy toes with narrow heels are universally slimming and always a fabulous choice to help you look your best.

Whitney Larkin is a writer, stylist and accessories designer.

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