Dress Disasters; True Stories

Dress Disasters — By admin on April 14, 2009 at 8:55 pm

Did you see both?

Did you see both?

Dress Disasters are a women’s worst nightmare.  Every women has a checklist for their big events; dress-check!, shoes-check!, fabulous bag-check, Other woman wearing the same dress at MY Event!   Dress Disaster!!!!

DressRegistry.com exists to meet a universal need.  We have been collecting the most horrible stories for your amusement.  Drop a comment and tell us what happened to you.  We truly do feel your pain.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

I made my grand entrance into the local charity gala feeling like a movie star.  My Pucci-ish cocktail dress looked fantastic on me.  Until I looked over and saw another woman wearing the same dress.  And she was six months pregnant.  Next stop the bar!-Lee, Birmingham, AL

I was attending my daughter’s wedding at the Ritz Carlton with my new wife in her beautiful dark blue dress.  We stepped off the elevator to go to the church and there’s my ex-wife wearing the same dress, in black.  I wish I could say that my ex-wife handled the situation with class, but I can’t.  She sulked during the entire reception.-Jim, Columbus, OH

The local dress store promised my mother that this very expensive prom dress was ABSOLUTELY the only one on our area.  They even wrote down the name of my high school in a book.  I go to prom, walk-in and there she is.  A twin in the exact same dress.  My mother was so proud of buying that dress for me that I have never told her what happened. She would be crushed -Karen, San Diego, CA

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  • Laurel says:

    I went to an event and another woman wore the same dress. I put my gown away in the closet for FOUR years. I had an event, it still fit so I wore it. I walk in the door and their she is. Same woman from before in the exact same dress I’m wearing. Two times; Two Dress Disasters. Is this a record? Laurel, Atlanta, GA