Dress Disaster Tweet Chain: Brooke Burke

Dress Disasters — By andrew on March 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Dress Disaster Brooke Burke

Dress Disaster Brooke Burke

It’s always difficult to make the public understand how a woman feels about being part of the train wreck that we call a Dress Disaster.  We love the candor we saw from celebrity Brooke Burke when she arrived at the UK Style By French Connection party at the Lexington Social House on March 9, 2011.  She walked in and saw not one but two or three other women wearing the EXACT same dress (one of the other women was Carmen Elektra).  We went to Brooke Burke’s twitter account and found this chain of tweets.  The first tweet was “Not the reaction I was going for  tonight”-9:09 PM, 3/9/11.   Her tone is just a little irritated.  The next tweet at 11:13 PM really shows her frustration building, “2 other women are wearing the same dress I am!!! How tacky PR!!”.  The next day when complimented on how good she looked at the event, you could tell that she was still having emotion from the night before when she tweeted, “Too bad 3 other women were wearing my dress”. -10:30 AM 3/10/11.

We loved the openess that Brook Burke showed about her feelings with these tweets just like she does on her mom blog at Brooke Burke Blog.   It’s easy to put yourself in her shoes but hard to understand how all this happened.  This same event had Nicky Hilton and Jaime King doing the dress disaster bit as well.  I think several stylists are still on the hot seat about all of this.

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